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  • The Mixup

    The Mixup is 41 artists from six cities getting all mixed up in each others' creative process. There are 5-10 artists in each of: Beirut, Cape Town, Istanbul, LA, London and Medellín. Each artist starts a piece of artwork, a second artist works on it, and a third artist finishes it. Global shows start at Camberwell Arts Festival in June 2016, before Space Debris Istanbul in July, Cape Town in September, and onwards.


  • All's Well Wall

    A re-expression of the 1901 Camberwell coat of arms in the heart of Camberwell - mural with Istanbul starlet Göksu Gül and Shanghai creative director Ben Weldon, Summer 2016

    #AllsWellWall for photos

  • Food & Ideas

    A series of supper clubs taking on the full potential of supper. We start with a strong theme. Becky Claydon and Paul Turner build great menus. Rosie Cooper decorates a fantastic location. And I garnish the evening with words to take us deeper into our idea.

    So far: Thanks, From the Darkness, The Ground

  • The Airmail Project

    The Airmail Project was a global art experiment: 16 artists from 16 countries, collaborating by post. Each artwork was started, worked on and completed by a different artist, so every artist helps create three final pieces. I started the project in 2014 with Lara Salmon - our first show was in LA in October 2014, before heading to Beirut in January 2015, London in June 2015 for the Camberwell Arts Festival, and Istanbul for July/August 2015. The work travelled 260,000 miles.

  • Most Things Move

    Most Things Move is an illustrated book of short poems exploring things that move and things that move us. Illustrations by the embarrassingly talented Gretchen Jacobsen and published by Simply This in 2013. The wonderful Katie Bonna said “Each page is bejewelled with lines which catch you unawares, cutting to the quick of our desire to understand human experience.”

  • Into Pieces

    Acclaimed composer Hannah Kendall used six of my poems as inspiration for a new work in six movements.

    Into Pieces was premiered as part of the CoMA national festival of contemporary music on 4th March 2016 at Kings Place – performed by London Sinfonietta & Contemporary Music for All, and conducted by Gregory Rose.

    The poems are read aloud as part of the piece.

  • United Verses / 译站

    I am proud to have been part of initiating this Shanghai based cross-cultural poetry exchange in 2011. Now in it's fifth year, UV brings together Chinese-language and English-language poets to translate and perform each other's work. Check out www.unitedverses.com or buy the newly released anthology.

  • Performance

    I have been part of the London poetry scene since 2009 and try to deliver interesting ideas with straightforward words. I've also performed on my travels in New York, San Fran, Shanghai, and Melbourne. Special shout to Kid I Wrote Back, Sage & Time and Bus Drivers' Prayer.

  • Take It & Run

    A 40-person cross-genre creative collaboration in response to the Pen Paper Pause sketches. I invited people with a creative appetite to take one of my sketches, and run with it, using their own individual style and whatever medium they wanted. We had a project showcase in January 2011 for all the wonderful work – from ilustration to upholstery, from sculpture to song - which you can now enjoy online.

  • And more

    Pass It On

    Pass It On was a 2008 project where I made 100 books by hand and gave them to 100 people; the idea was that if you were given the book you were not allowed to keep it but had to pass it on - a perpetual system of sharing.

    Reflections On Darkness

    The Borough Common

    Part of starting and nurturing The Borough Common, a self-organising collaborative community exploring spiritual growth and doing good in the world - an experimental model for religious community.

    Let's Go

    I have a creative consulting practise called Let's Go where i help organisations of all sorts get going with new things. That normally means a new product/service, a new brand, or a new strategic direction.

    Literal Idioms

    When we use figurative phrases, we can lose track of the literal meanings of words and we are left with abstract concepts. This project was an attempt to bring back the literal; you can see it all here.